The purpose of marketing through the use of social media is to increase engagement between the customers and the business, it is also necessary for business to promote products using social media, and with the user of Twitter, this gives them the option to provide customers with updates and voice opinions on a corporate level.

Using Twitter or any social media platform, this gives business the opportunity to promote and present new products or services also giving customers a call to action with direct links to the website for customers to actively take advantage of the promotion, therefore increasing the sales for the business.

The use of Influencers:

Like Instagram, it has become more common for public figures and business to use social media influencers to promote links and products on twitter in the return for free products and sponsorships for retweeting and liking other people content.

If we look at the data for twitter, twitter has over 100 million daily active users, therefore this shows the scale that twitter can be used for to promote brands, products, services and opinions over the internet. This is evidence that users are more likely to use Twitter more than other social media platforms, it also proves that Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social media apps and the figures just show how likely to users are to engage.

Buying Twitter Followers has become extremely popular due to the fact that many users wish to attract other users and give their own profiles a higher amount of engagement and online presence as a higher amount of Twitter followers gives the illusion that the user is of a higher profile.
Twitter offer a unique approach to social media, as it allows users to share and highlight written and visual content such as posts, tweets, stories. If you’re not marketing on Twitter, then you’re missing out; content on Twitter is easily shareable and users can link their profiles with other social media platforms such as Instagram and it is much easier to understand and far for universal for other types of content.