In this day and age, many people always look for the next best thing to showcase their photography online, sites like pintrest and good however there is nothing quite like Instagram where you can easily upload your images for your friends and family to view and enjoy.

Instagram has not only created one of the most popular social media sites in history, but it creates almost a new platform for every niche imaginable, for example, people who are interested in a certain type of art and photography can actively follow and network with pages and other artists who take their interest.

Keen photograhers are always looking for new ways to upload their Instagram images from their professional DSLR’s to showcase their works of art. The best way to do this would be to buy and adapter that would allow you to install and upload directly from the SSD drive not your iPhone , that way you could then upload the DSLR images without having to upload them direct to your computer.

Many new DLSR Cameras showcase uto 35mp, that is a astonishing compared to a few years ago when the latest was only 15pmp and even that was good back them. Many photos on Instagram can includes the use of macro lenses and high depth of field lenses to really capture your images.

One way for photographers to really excel online is to Buy Likes, this way, they can only showcase their best work, but they can then go onto showcase their work and become popular over night,  Buying Instagram Likes will also help with their organic reach and to maximise their algorithm. This will then lead to more organic growth and the potential to be featured online in blogs and online photo forums.

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