In the century we live in , Social media is literally our door to the Universe. Social platforms give us the opportunity to communicate easily with people no matter where they are located in the entire world. There are so many different social networks for different purposes. For example YouTube is mainly a social platform for sharing videos of any kind – music, vlogs, TV serials, gaming videos and everything you can think of. On the other hand, Instagram is a social platform that was developed in 2010 with the main purpose of sharing photos and short videos. No matters that, as the years are passing, Instagram is nothing like it used to be. There are 600 million active users daily, that is why the owners of the platform are improving its features all the time constantly. While doing the updates, the IT department of Instagram often adds new powerful tools in order to engage more people and the business sector as well.

Until 2018 the videos the users were allowed to upload were no longer than one minute. It was really inconvenient so Instagram decided to develop a new feature – the opportunity to publish videos no matter their length. The new feature is called Instagram TV or IGTV. The feature supports long form videos up to 1 hour, and by this we can tell that Instagram is challenging YouTube for sure.

Instagram TV gives access to many people’s channels; you can watch the full video in a full screen, vertical format, which is pretty amazing because the experience is much better than the usual Instagram videos that people are posting. IGTV is also a part of social media marketing strategies and it can bring to the business great advantages, because business owners have the ability to promote their business brands and products by creating IGTV videos where they can explain how their products work and how they are made.

This new feature can bring great benefits to influencers and brands because there the chances to increase the audience they have are bigger than ever. When we speak about influencers and brand their goal is to gain as many followers and likes on their posts as possible. Some of them find a solution as they get real followers on Instagram by purchasing them from companies providing this type of service.

At this moment except for gaining bigger audiences there are not so many ways to monetize the usage of IGTV. However many celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kortney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are already uploading videos on IGTV and they say that the new feature is more than great. IGTV is great for increasing engagement percentage as well, because people prefer to see a video of something in order to understand it , rather than reading it

If you want to create your own video and upload it on IGTV and if you want the video to bring benefits and fame here are a few steps you should follow. Make sure that the content you are going to present in your IGTV video would be catching and fascinating. When you post a video on IGTV it will automatically be uploaded on your Instagram page as well, so people who are checking your Instagram profile, instead of your channel, would be able to watch your videos.

Instagram TV is a promising platform and the opportunity it gives to society seems to be really good.  Now instead of uploading videos only on YouTube, influencers and bloggers can use both platforms – Instagram and YouTube in order to gain more popularity and become even more influential.