Instagram Idea

Instagram is world’s second largest and biggest social media network. It is itself the biggest achievement which is directly concern with the mobile phone users. Marketers focus on money and they highlight that Instagram is actually main part of Marketing Mix.

Setting Your Account Up For Successful:

1. Create an Official Business Account:

Getting an official business account means that you have got blue “varied” badge and connection button that allows the visitors to connect with you directly.

This is a simple way to increase credibility and authority with users without paying anything. Instagram makes it dead easy to sign up with detailed instructions available here, and the direct-message function is helpful for customer service, too. People may also choose to Buy Instagram Followers.

        2.      Apply relevant, memorable name:

Your title is the main thing for the visitors that they first follow. It should be great, it should be authentic, and meaningful. It is very effective as a marketing message. Avoid irrelevant words and phrases or sentences with a ridiculous name and try to make it catchy. Instead of naming so tough and broad, try to make your title according to your brand, that matches your social media accounts too.

         3.       Cross-Promote Accounts in Your Bio:

Do you know that around 56% of adults like to use different multiple social media platforms to engage with people? Yes! It is true. you can engage your users much more effectively by reaching out to them across a multitude of platforms.

So you need to put your different social media links in your Instagram Bio. It will help the visitors or users to learn more about you. It is also allowing you to further promote your brand and increase audience engagement.

          4.        Focus on your bio to grow your email list:

Your bio can also be utilized to house links to your website’s landing page, you can create personalized and targeted opt-in forms to add visitors to your email list.

You are also allowed to share your promotions to any contest via our bio.

          5.         Engage with FaceBook:

approx 95% of Instagram users definitely use FaceBook application too. A connection on the two networks by connecting your account gives you advantage of this through cross-platform promotions, enhanced targeting with the Facebook tracking pixel and the ability to cross-post or share at the click of a button.

It can be beneficial in such a way that you can add your successful Instagram posts onto your Facebook business page. 

           6.         Advertise your page:

If you think that you have now great setup of your page and also have lots of nice and attractive posts, then don’t waste your time to start promoting yourself, through word of mouth or through anything else. You choice! Up to you!

If you have strong connection or strong audience, you can approach them by personal contact, by social accounts or by email lists.

           7.           Invite Friends From Facebook/Contact:

Try to make a good connection with people. Don’t be pushy. If people like you personally, they will hopefully approach your content too. you can import your phone contacts (and follow them all), import your Facebook contacts or direct message users about your page.