Following are the ways through which we can turn our Instagram Account into a Revenue Generating Machine.

Your Content needs to be attractive:

It can be strong and tough to engage people to pay attention on your content on Instagram

It is  critical to hire a part time photographer/editor who can help you make your images look crisp, on brand, and, most importantly, professional. Start to think of your Instagram as the new “Shop Now” page on your website.

Your captions are tremendous:

Make sure that your preferred posts are authentic, engaging and on brand. Show your presence by using language that target your audience only heightens the probability of its members liking, commenting, sharing in the DMs or even clicking on the tag to purchase your product

Following appropriate Hashtags are creative:

Applying hashtags on different posts is also another great way to satisfy the customers and to approach desired audience. This is theist way to gain the customer’s love. Putting Hashtags is also a great chance of uploading posts in front of your ideal audience. Use a mix of 20 to 30 hashtags per post and experiment to see which group of hashtags gives your posts optimum exposure. There are plenty of great apps out there, like Top Tags or Leetags, which tell you the hashtags that you should be using.

You have become a shoppable personality:

Tagging your products is such a fantastic strategy. You know how? When you tag your products to the visitors on your posts, it will automatically allow viewers to tap the image, after that, tap the description, in which they will surely go to add to cart section on your website. 

But it is your duty to make a proper balance. Try not to tag product-oriented posts every time. It is actually not a good plan. There must be a limited percent of shoppable posts that should be around 40 to 50%.

You’ve got engaged with posts under those hashtags:

When you start tagging your products in a limited way on your posts that means you have started doing hard work. You are free to make your captions smart, catchy, cohesive and crisp. So what are you waiting for? Write some amazing on brand captions; apply relative and entertaining hashtags on your posts.

It’s time to begin engaging by liking images under the hashtags that your bread and butter customers use on a daily basis.

For instance, if you’re selling bags, identify four to five community hashtags that bag lovers use, such as #baglovers, #catchybags, or #ilovebags, and then like and comment on around 200 images every day. It will help out to turn your fresh new Instagram feed into a lead- and revenue-generating machine. Buy Instagram follower and Facebook likes starting from £2.99.