Businesses are relying on video marketing more and more everyday, but the focus on making the video often overshadows the marketing of it. Winning over viewers on YouTube requires different techniques to your usual social media marketing.

1. Use diversity within your content: The more content you produce, the better. We discovered the top YouTube marketers had an average of 180 videos, while the bottom had 30. Research also discovered that the most successful YouTuber’s had videos that ranged from 30 seconds to 20 minutes.

2. Combine YouTube and web content: Combine your social media platforms by creating links between them, for e.g share your YouTube content on your websites, this will help with enticing more viewers. YouTube can be used on any device, including tablets and mobiles. All successful business link all of their accounts together to increase their fanbase as it reaches a wider and more diverse audience.

3.  ENGAGE ENGAGE ENGAGE: You are more 10 times more likely to keep an audiences interest if engage with your audience. Video marketing is a powerful social media platform in which appears to be more personal than any other. The viewer gets a sense of involvement in your online campaign/video, personality and the fact that may relate will drive the viewers back. Doing a video to show the acknowledgement of feed back is an excellent marketing strategy, it has been shown to increase sales by 100%.

4. Buy YouTube Views: Buying YouTube views helps to create an online presence, people will see the views and assume popularity. This is a really strong and underrated marketing technique, people chase popularity as they want to keep up with the upcoming trends! You can buy YouTube Views and Likes from Greedier Social Media.

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