How to Improve Social Engagement to Gather More Leads/Sales

The buying followers business is becoming bigger buy the day, everyone seems to want to become a social media celebrity over night. Given the emphasis that is put on celebrities followers, it is easy to see why people want to up their following in order to keep up and it’s pretty much a given that every major star these days has some level of fakes amongst their social media followings. In many cases, the celebrities themselves aren’t even aware of it, as the followers are often purchased by their agents and management teams via a site that allow users to buy Instagram followers.

Social Success is Engagement

These days, people assume that users who have thousands and even millions of followers must be important and have to tendency to listen to them, this is absolutely not true.The fact of the matter is that, absolutely anyone – can go out and purchase a few thousand followers and pretend to be of a status which they’re not. The more important indicator for social success is engagement – and by extension, how many of those that engage with your social media content actually convert into paying customers, therefore it may not be helpful for business users who are seeking high engagement.

For the average social media user or a celebrity, they are not necessarily interested in having a high engagement as they are not interested in sales, they are more interested in the attention that an increase in the number of followers bring, therefore buying followers is more beneficial for them. More importantly, the reason to why people buy followers is simple, to increase their following, this can be done quickly and with a simple click of a few buttons, and within hours, they will have thousands of followers added to your account.