Twitter is the news outlet of the 21st century

The extraordinary amount of news coverage the mainstream media has recently devoted to Twitter has led some to think the press is in love with the 3-year-old microblogging service. But it’s a jealous love.

Twitter’s updating facilities of up-to-the-minute reaction has arguably becoming threatening to seize media coverage of breaking news altogether. It has also helped many celebrities, athletes, bloggers and politicians bypass the media to get their message directly to their audience.

Ashton Kutcher, one of Twitter’s most famous and sensational users, made the following statement: “We can and will create our media.” Kutcher, sees Twitter as putting media power in the hands of ordinary people and — seemingly — regular movie stars.

The very nature of the news has changed. People are not more interested in popular every day topics on which they can get immediate updates, whether they’d be hourly or daily. And social media offers such a feature. Many users have become habitual to clicking on Twitter when major news breaks out. On Twitter, they can find an ocean of reaction, commentary and links to actual articles.

Undoubtedly, Twitter has in many ways been a blessing to the media. It’s arguably the best way for a news outlet to build a readership. Most outlets now have a presence on Twitter with a feed directing readers to their respective sites. Similarly, one can establish its popularity amongst social media users; same way major news and events do – through an increase in their social media presence.

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