A simple gossip had spread and reached thousands of people

Just the other day a hashtag #SaveTwitter was trending worldwide. Millions of people showed interest in the new rumour and began reacting to the ‘news’suggesting that the beloved social media platform is going to be shut down as a result of severe issues with cyber bullying across its stage.

However, all this, of course, isn’t true. Twitter will not be shutting down. Many Twitter users had participated in spreading the false news, creating posts such as ‘I cant believe Twitter is shutting down’, ‘Please don’t let Twitter to shut down’ and ‘I don’t know what I will do without Twitter’.

Such rumour shows, that not everything you read on Twitter can be entirely trusted. Not only this, but such a trend represents the power of social media. A simple gossip had spread and reached not only thousands of people but numbers suggest it was millions,as shown by the #SaveTwitter hashtag the other day.

Luckily, us Twitter users have nothing to worry about. We can continue to develop our Twitter presence, grow our Twitter followers and share our ideas and thoughts.

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