1. Spamming people with your products

You should be posting pictures of your products regularly (or promoting your course, book, etc.). However, no one likes to see only pictures of your products.

People want to see who you are, the human side of you. They want the behind-the-scenes, the value you can provide them, and pictures that aren’t just of your latest book. Your followers want to connect with you, so don’t give them a chance to unfollow you. Many peoples also choose to Buy Instagram Likes to increase their engagement quickly and easily.

2. Posting inconsistently

When people follow you, they expect you to post on Instagram. They don’t care that you don’t post ten times a day, but they do want to see you regularly popping up in their timeline. If you’re going to be posting three times a day every single day, stick to that schedule.

You don’t want to post three times a day for one month, and then go off the grid for two weeks repeatedly. This sends out the message that you’re not a person your followers can depend on, and it annoys them.

A unique example is Garry Vee. Garry Vee posts every day Monday through Friday, and then doesn’t  take the weekend off. Despite the strange and rare schedule, he can get away with not posting 7 days a week because he’s consistent with this schedule. His followers aren’t left wondering what happened to her when he logs out, but that’s only because he sticks to it.

3. Asking for a follow back/asking for shoutouts

I’m putting both of these as one short and sweet point. This is just about one of the most annoying things that you can do on Instagram. Do not, under any circumstance, follow someone and then a few seconds later comment “F4F?” or “Can you follow me back?” or “S4S?” or “Can you give me a shoutout?” on the most recent post of theirs.

This will not only annoy the person whose picture you’re commenting on, but even their followers, who can see your comment, will avoid visiting your profile because they too, are annoyed. It’s a lazy thing to do, and it doesn’t make for a good first impression.

4. Uploading low quality photos

Instagram is all about pictures. While a bad quality picture may have gotten you likes when Instagram was a new app, it’s not something that you can get away with now. You have to upload pictures that you put thought into, that tell a story, and are high quality.

The truth is that people don’t follow people with “ugly” Instagrams. They follow people with consistent, high quality pictures that are “aesthetic.” Low quality pictures will not only tell your followers that you don’t really try, but you’ll also gain followers slower than those who post high quality pictures, and get less likes, that why many people Buy Instagram Likes, this way they can get high engagement without worrying what there profile or content looks like.