Social media in today’s world has become a huge sensation between all ages, sexes, religions, and demographic group.

Social media allows you to share information by means of text, photo, or video messaging. When you share media with other users they can continue sharing your post, show appreciation by liking it, following it, or provide their own feedback about the media by leaving a comment. Some social media even allows users to interact with each other through games installed on your device. Social media can keep you connected to celebrities, news broadcast, family, friends, co-workers, and other informational users. You can see the popularity of others by their number of followers or like. Thankfully there are also ways to keep people from seeing or sharing your posts, profile, and account information.

Social media is a great place to follow your favorite celebrity’s upcoming activities, thoughts, likes, dislikes, viewpoints, as well as, view their photographs and videos. Celebrities rely highly on increasing their fan base through attaining followers on social media. Creating popularity on social media can be as easy as adding multiple friends and sharing information that has many likes or shared by many of those friends.


Instagram is a free mobile app that can be installed on many different mobile devices and used to share photos across other social media. Instagram allows you to connect with friends and family on other social media sites by sharing your photos of your life experiences. You can sign up for an Instagram account and start getting likes and sharing across social network platforms such as Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook.

You can have a lot fun with Instagram, there are multiple ways to transform your images by using filters, framing, focus, rotations, captions, or special effects. When you add a new photo you can use a hashtag in order to tag your photos so they are associated with that word. You can use Instagram to search specific words in order to find photos or people with that word included in their name. The hashtag is also how users can create trends.  Instagram allows you to follow people, as well as, they can become one of your followers which allow them to view your photos, and you to view theirs in your news feed. The news feed, is just that, a place to view who your followers are, people you are following, and their recent Instagram.

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