Building authentic online relationships is more important now than ever. From joining a LinkedIn Group or posting a colleague’s blog post on Twitter, there is a multitude of ways to focus your social media efforts towards entrepreneurial and business success.

To have the most impact on your social media channels, it’s critical to focus on high-growth areas where your core audience spends their time. For millennial women, Instagram is the shining star as we can see from the massive growth that has accused since its launch in 2013, now boasting over 600 million users word wide.

Many people overlook using Instagram for networking and simply stick to networking sites such as Linked in etc to build their networking database for clients. The reality is, if done correctly, Instagram can be a gold mine for generating leads and new customers, with a proven track record of generating active leads for your and your business.

Here are out top tips in generating more clients for your business.

  1. Make sure your Instagram account is up to date: Having a good Instagram page that promotes your  business page is essential when building your client base. Make sure that all your content is fresh, new, and is kept up to date in regards to the services that your business provides to ensure customers can see what your business does. In regards to the followers, many people Buy Instagram Followers and Buy Instagram Likes to ensure the page looks big.
  2. Man sure you have a call to action: This is another big one, having the correct call to action will ensure that your potential customers will generate to paying customers, think about it, if a customer does not know how to contact your business, how are they able to make a purchase?
  3. Ensure your account is full of high quality images: Make sure you account stands out form the rest, having high quality professional images is proven to engage customers on a much higher level, would you trust a page with little to no good images of their services or products ?