Social Media has become the face of advertising, in the old days, advertising used to be very complex and cost millions in funding for TV commercials, now you can easily go online and log onto your Instagram page and set up adverts no more than the price of coffee. 

This means that the barrier for entry is far less than it used to be, you can now start an online brand for under one week or even sooner. There are so many startup companies that you can look at for example of how they have grown online and become very successful due to this. All saints sells clothing. They have stores that are recognisable in design and so they can be easily recognised. Although they don’t sell kids clothing, they have a separate section for men and women’s and clothing is arranged by style.

This is a prime example, all saints clothing retail is a target for middle classed workers with disposable income, with this being said, they will be able to cheaply utilise social media and get the best out of targeting by targeting their target market more so than through TV.  

Using social media, they can even buy instagram likes to ensure that they are getting enough engagement through their channels. Buy Instagram Likes is also beneficial to build up new social media pages, for example if a new.