How to remove country, privacy and age restrictions from your Facebook Page

Facebook offer a number of restriction settings in order for you to filter your intended audience however if required when you Buy Facebook Likes many businesses and public pages need to remove any restrictions the below step by step instructions will help! 

Lets get started with removing any country restrictions on your Facebook page!

Simply log-in top your Facebook account and on the above right hand side of your panel select the settings arrow and then select your Facebook page from the list.

Once you have decided the Facebook page you desire to make changes to on the right hand side of your page should be a panel stating Settings | Help simply click the settings option.

Under general settings a list of options should appear on the right eight options down there will be “County Restrictions” along with two options 1. only show this page to views in these countries 2. hide this page from viewers in these countries.

To remove the country restrictions its as easy as selecting option two as upon closing the option and saving your changes please ensure that it states that the page is visible to everyone!

Age Restrictions?

As easy as the above details and listed just below the option for country restrictions you will find the option for age restrictions slimily click the icon and set the basic to anyone (13+) or higher depending on your requirements however would be more beneficial to any business or celebrity accounts to maximise the exposure and visibility options in order to reach a mass market.

And Finally, Privacy Settings!

Depending on whether you would like to either manage the settings, limit page visibility, or change your post ability this can all be achieved under the settings and by using the first 3 options available under general.

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