Nowadays social media platforms are used by billions of people every day. Many surveys show that people spend almost their entire free time scrolling on social networks. Even more Social media, such as Instagram invaded our lives and turned over our notions of beauty. For example there are millions of girls who are considered to be Instagram models and they are trying to look completely perfect in their photos on the Social media. Most of them have a really big number of people who are following their account and the main purpose is to attract more.

They have all of their pictures edited with many programs and applications that are available and sometimes the difference between the real person and the person in the photos is really huge. Some of them even buy real and affordable Instagram likes in order to make their account look more eye-catching for brands and companies. Many Instagram models, best known as influencers, want to work with and be paid for promoting some brands’ products. The trend now on Instagram is to look as flawless as possible; however we all know there are not perfect people. Everyone has their imperfection and this is the most normal thing in the world.

The bad thing in all of this is that more people are using photo editing applications and programs to remove their imperfections or even resort to plastic surgery. To prevent and decrease this trend Instagram recently announced that they are going to add a feature that detects if a program for photo editing is used on someone’s photo and if the person used for example Photoshop, their publication would be hidden. The detection system would be able to catch fake photos. However there are more photographers that are concerned because they use Photoshop all the time to improve their images. Instagram said that the detection system would be able to make difference between a photoshopped picture that is totally fake and art where photographers and artist can use Photoshop and other editing applications. However many people believe it would be an obstacle for artists.

In fact some countries around the world have laws against the usage of programs like Photoshop. In instance in France the creator of images that are photoshopped should announce this once he publishes the picture. Also every fashion model there should visit a doctor annually in order to check if they are healthy enough to work. Israel is considered to be the strictest county regarding the usage of Photoshop. They have a law that if anyone posted somewhere a picture, no matter social media, magazines, adverts or whatever they should put a description that the image was retouched compulsory. However in America and many other countries in the world everyone can edit images with Photoshop or other programs and applications and they have the right to post the image wherever they want without any concerns. This is the reason why Instagram wants to add this detection fake photos system, because many people are decepted by false information and images all the time.

Many people, especially photographers and artists are really concerned that their artwork will be removed from their Instagram pages, but Instagram team claimed that there is no place for worries and the artwork will not get affected. Instagram team also wants the society to understand that this new feature would bring benefits to everyone as everyone will have the opportunity to see the real faces of everyone, not the perfect face and body they pretend to have.