As Instagram becomes more popular over the years and as screens and cameras quality gets better and better, Instagram constantly has to increase their ability to showcase and capture high quality images for their users to post, unlike snapchat who reduces camera quality on their app, Instagram have been stepping up their game to increase the quality of their users posts.

Instagram has a maximum resolution of 1080×1080 these days, but not all images use that resolution. When the source image is a lower resolutionInstagram won’t scale it up but it will leave it at the original resolution. Very low resolution images (for example, less than 320 pixels across) may be rejected or upscaled.

It is very important to consider this when creating your content for Instagram, pages with optimised content on Instagram may get more followers and likes, pages with very high quality images may also find their content being used by other pages and reposted by bigger pages, this is great for page credibility as if your images are being shown across Instagram, this is free traffic for your page.

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