Instagram’s Growing Influence,

Most of the appeal to Instagram lies within its simplicity. This explains why the developers of Instagram have changed so little since its initial launch.

The best Instagram accounts tend to be the most aspirational, and many industries have begun to catch up on this trend. Designers and brands are establishing the desire to tell their story to the public, by welcoming Instagram followers into a preciously closed world. They now show concepts of lighting and set designs, through posting pictures on the move. Thus, enabling Instagram to be the platform where trends can become reality, and model’s careers to be made.

Fashion and models are just a small part of the entire Instagram influence.

Alike fashion, food trends would not be so established without Instagram. Famous food writers, set the trends of super healthy dishes, by posting bold and attractive photos. They are not alone in doing so. Many of us go to a restaurant, order food, and instead of trying it – we firstly take a photo.

These are just a few examples of how one can set a worldwide trend, reaching all parts of the world, by simply posting a picture. The Influence of Instagram is astonishing – on the sway of our choices and interests.

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