This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Instagram-Business-Marketing-Profile-1.jpgAre you wondering if the hype about Instagram marketing is good for your small business? Check the statistics to determine if you must believe it or not.

  • 500 million are engaged, daily users
  • 800 million are current monthly users
  • 300 million are active Instagram stories [daily]
  • 95 million images get uploaded daily
  • 40 billion got shared until now
  • 4.2 billion likes are received daily
  • 68% are women users
  • 59% internet users between 18 to 29 years use Insta
  • 17% of teens feel it is a crucial social network
  • 25 million businesses have an Instagram account
  • More than 80% of users follow a minimum one brand

The stats look impressive as businesses get a chance to build brand awareness, loyalty, and influence purchases. Therefore, many celebs or businesses buy Instagram followers from Greedier Social Media. It takes time and plenty of effort to build followers naturally, so when you get Instagram followers at affordable rates than using a paid service seems a sensible option.

How to set a business account on Instagram?

Opening a business account on Instagram takes seconds, but you need to optimize it.

Instagram business profile optimization
  • Write the compelling bio in 150 characters defining your business.
  • Use familiar profile images like your product or logo.
  • Choose proper profile link – only two options are allowed business website or new content link you are promoting.

Look for niche influencers to follow

  • Start with companies you work with
  • Influencers or brands that your target audience follows
  • Brands that inspire you
  • Your competitors

When you look for influencers, competitors, and brand inspirers look what attracts you to their Insta posts. What is their posting frequency? Is their theme consistent? What you don’t like in their post?

Set the Instagram Marketing goal

After doing some research on the market, it is time to set an Instagram goal that you need to focus on. It can be anything like –

  • Vast engagement
  • Brand awareness development
  • Increase followers

The goal has to be concise, clear, relevant, measurable, time-based, and achievable.

Align Insta-metrics with your business objectives

After setting the goal, you need to select Insta-metrics. It will help you move towards specific business objectives. For example, if your business objective is to increase brand loyalty than choosing Insta-metrics like Post likes Engagement Rate, and Total # post comments.

Learn how to calculate your Insta-marketing efforts

With smart goals, you can track your marketing efforts to find out if your strategy works or not. Record these five elements –

  • Date
  • Post type
  • Time
  • Total followers
  • Impressions or engagement

This data from every post will help you make a strategic decision on every post. Find what works, what needs a tweak, and what doesn’t.

Understand and plan Insta-content strategy

Everything you are going to post needs to have a meaning that supports your goal and builds brand awareness.

Shape your story Start a story around your brand that connects with your target. You can ask yourself questions like what people prefer about your brand, what is your brand vision, if your brand stops what the target will miss, etc. It will help to shape a story. Connect it with your goal and strategize.

  1. Determine post types

Each audience differs, so try different post types. You will get an idea of what works to build an audience and increase engagement.

  • Inspirational posts for audience motivation.
  • Culture posts that align with your business core values.
  • A product post shows how your product works and gets people interested.
  • Event photos.
  • Designed images include event flyers.
  • Interesting stats that sound bizarre, but are accurate.
Build visual style and aesthetic

Instagram is all about visuals, so a business can display their product images instead of describing them in words. However, visuals are also a challenge. To make your Instagram feed look aesthetic and share your message you need to consider the five crucial factors.

  • You will need a Smartphone with a camera and good natural light to capture photos indoor or outdoor.
  • The best natural lighting source is outdoors, but you can capture gorgeous light indoors. Some things to remember are avoiding direct noon sunlight, dark indoor spaces, and use reflectors if there is no window or you cannot go outside.
  • Create visual interest using eh rule of 3rds. A nine-part grid provides four lines where you can place the subject.
  • After capturing the image, choose a suitable filter to edit it.
  • You can choose tools and apps to capture great photos.

Optimizing for audience engagement

At this point, you are prepared to fine-tune everything as you are aware of what works well. It is time to optimize your whole Instagram account ranging from description and photos to tagging and building followers.

Write ideal post captions

It will help to give your photos a better context making them more engaging.

  • Use hashtags as they help to reach a bigger audience. Use 5 to 10 hashtags.
  • Choose hashtags that your niche influencer’s use and experiment with what amount works best for you.
  • Tag niche influencers to develop your community. They will see it along with their followers.
  • Add a location to give your post a personal touch.
  • Update and modify your profile link for every Insta-post.
  • Create Instagram Engagement Pod to connect with more people in your niche and boost each other’s engagement.
  • Determine the best time to post for better engagement.
  • The frequency of posting also matters.
Advertise on Instagram

Instagram ads are great because it is measurable. You can even add CTA in the ads and lead visitors to your product. One-third of Instagram users use their Smartphones to buy online products. You can leverage this behavior and increase your sales. The three forms of Instagram ads are –

  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads

These ad formats will support the four objectives –

  • Mobile app installations
  • Mass awareness
  • Click-through to your site
  • Video views

Business Buy likes because engagement is a crucial metric that ensures your post gets seen. Engagement is an Instagram algorithm to determine whether your post goes on top of the user’s feeds. Greedier Social Media professionals can help you with supplying high-quality followers for better engagement and generate expected results.