Instagram has become one of the most popular social networking sites, even up until, social media has also been popular for dating, dating has particular become popular via social media sites such as Instagram due to the introduction of the feature ‘ DM ‘ to ensure that suers can message each other privately  as an alternative to commenting on each other posts, the Instagram DM was introduced in early 2014.  Here below we are going to take a look at how to send and reply to an Instagram DM.

1. Make sure you have a user in mind: 

By this I mean you should have an idea who you wish to DM, this will avoid your account getting blocked by spamming users on Instagram, you need to know who you are going to message so you can prospect them to engage into a conversation. For example, this may be a work college, a mate, or a crush you fancy asking on a date. By doing this  you will be able to respect and have a rough plan on what your going to converse about in regards to the topic.

2. Find the user: 

Find the user on Instagram, to do this type in their @userrname on the search panel on Instagram, if you are following them they should come up as first result. If not, then type in their username via a friend or find them via scrolling further down in the search bar. Alternatively, you may be able to find the by typing them in via your friends list search bar located on your friends list.

3. Send them a DM:

To send them a DM, go onto their profile home page and click in the top left, there will be an option that says, ” send a message”. To then send them a message, click this option and then you will be redirected to Instagram DM’s, you can then begin to send them a message. I would  not suggest using an soft opening line such as ” how are you ” as this is to genetic and wont get any attention’ especially if this is the first time you have messaged this person.  My own advice would be to send them something funny to engage a conversation, for example if they are into cats and dogs, send them a DM of a funny cat or dog video/meme, there are plenty of those on Instagram, Im sure you will agree.

4. Follow up:

The key to this is to follow up with the conversation, don’t  end the conversation on a blank end or not reply, follow up. By this what Im talking about is an end result, what did you get out of this experience, did you ask them on a date, did you ask them for shier number? Its your own personal preference what you wanted to get out of it , make sure you kept that in mind throughout the whole process, don’t end it until you are satisfied with the out come.

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