Increasing likes on your Instagram post is something that everyone asks, where there you are a small time blogger or A-list celeb, everyone is looking to incase their likes to their posts in one way or another. There are many ways that a user can generate more engagement on their posts , one way is to use marketing techniques in order to regenerate the likes organically, an example of this if is a business launches a new product, they may use the Instagram advertising to promote their posts and get into gain more lights/insights.

In regards to the average user gaining more Instagram likes, traditionally one would seek to user elevate hashtags in order to get their posts seen by as many people as possible, now users can also tag friends, business, celebrities  and even tag their location to increase the chance of it being seen my more people, therefore increasing the chances of gaining more likes.

Alternatively, another way to Increase Instagram Likes  , is to purchase them. Purchasing Instagram Likes  is a quick way to increase the likes posts, this can be done almost instantly with a few quick clicks and payment, the likes can be added to any posts and the quantity will depend on the users needs and how much they are willing to pay.

When it comes to purchasing the Instagram Likes , it is important that users understand the correlation between genuine and fake lakes, if a user purchases Instagram Likes  it may look too obvious that they are buying them, for example if they suddenly go from receiving 200 likes to 1000 likes on an image.

Another way around this is Auto Instagram Likes  , this is software that can add likes to a users Instagram posts automatically and add their desired quantity, for example, users have the option to add 50-1000 additional likes on top of the likes that the receive organically, this auto likes software will give the illusion that the likes are genuine and are generated by the accounts followers.