The way Instagram has become a tool to enhance your brand and product is commendable. It has become much easier to engage with people. With the help of hundreds of followers, you can easily promote your business. However, one that needs to be taken care of. Remember, your followers should be genuine, or else there is no use having them in large numbers because they will not be useful for you.

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Methods to gain authentic followers

Optimization of account or Instagram account should be properly optimized to help followers develop an interest in your account. Everything should be perfect. Your images should be clear and magnificent. High-quality photos should get posted. The captions should be on point.

Username should be appropriate and easy to find. It will help drive more traffic. It has to be named in a manner that people should be able to connect with it. You can even add a link to your product page on your account. The content on that website should be alluring enough.

  • Consistency of posting content

You should not post irregularly. You will not want to lose followers by doing this. You should provide content regularly. The content that needs to be posted can be selected based on trends that are going on.

Time-specific products can be promoted. It is a smart move to introduce a product which is the need of the hour. Being regular has always been a good attribute.

  • Make a schedule

You can schedule your Instagram posts in advance so that the process of finding relevant content in the nearby future is eliminated. This saves you from entering into a state of stress when you have to provide something on the spot. This helps you save your time too.

Sprout Social is a tool that can be used to schedule your Instagram posts in advance. You and your team members can see easily that what they have to do in the upcoming weeks. You will also stay protected from forgetting anything by using this feature.

  • Request other accounts for promotion

You should build a strong relationship with owners of other business-related accounts and seek their help for the promotion of products. You should be aware of the power that your followers possess. Your followers should refer your products to others.

Followers can prove an asset in terms of promotion. You even carry out Instagram contests or take part in them so that you have a greater reach and can promote your brand on a greater scale. Never underestimate the benefits that your audience can provide.

  • Avoid fake followers

Your Instagram handle should have real followers. Real followers make you reach your target audience. They communicate with you. They like and comment on your posts. They share your brand name and account link as much as possible.

Fake followers will never interact with you. Real followers are bound to engage with you. You should take their queries and solve them. Prefer quality over quantity. The process may take time, but the results will be beautiful. You can even buy likes if in dire need of them.

  • Know about the interest of followers

You should post content that your audience is interested in seeing. You should have updates regarding present trends. It will help you provide popular content. You should what are the things that can work for you.

Tools like Insta Analytics can help analyze the type of content that is gaining more interest from the audience. This tool will compare the content of various accounts and analyze what is the common subject that is gaining popularity. Investing in such a feature can be very beneficial for you.

  • Tag more people

You should form bonds with accounts that hold certain relevance to your products too. Tag people in your posts and stories who interact with your brand. With the use of appropriate tags, there are more chances of appearing in Instagram users’ feed. It will help you in gaining a good amount of followers.

You need to maintain patience because these things do not happen in one or two days. Your hard work and effort will produce excellent results in the end.

  • Post content on various platforms

For someone who is not aware of your presence on various social media platforms, posting on several social media platforms is the right thing to do. If your followers on Facebook are not aware of your presence on Instagram, then after seeing your post on Facebook, they will follow you on other platforms too. This way your followers can increase.

  • Never underestimate your competitors

Always stay updated about what type of content your competitors are posting. You should have a look at their accounts frequently. You can learn a lot from their accounts too. Research their accounts well. You may even get to know about some unique and new hashtags that you may have not been using for your posts.

You also get a clue about what kind of content is turning out to be best for customers. Never underestimate the content of your opponents. You may get to know about some new material. You can gather this information and make new strategies for updating your account too.


You need to be communicative enough on your Instagram to build trust among people about your brand. The more you will be involved in the conversation, the more are the chances of connecting and expansion of the business. Positive social interaction will lead to better results and promotion of your content.

Always appreciate the efforts of your followers and never back away from giving responses. If you will follow all these basic guidelines, you will achieve success.