Instagram is one of the hottest visual social media platforms, bringing a human and approachable aspect to your brand. If you have a brand account on Instagram, then your main attention is to grab more followers’ every day.

 Link to Your Brand Website/Blog

1. Post photos from your blog – When you post a new article on your blog, make sure you attach a great picture to it. On Instagram, it is not so easy to share your blog post as you do it on the other social platforms. Here you can share the image used in your latest blog post. Insert compelling images and share them on the Instagram platform with the relevant link to your blog post, photo description and a call to action button to convince people, so that they have a look at your website and ultimately drive more traffic towards both.

2. Promote your page on sponsored ads – Sponsered adverse or paid adverts on Instagram is a great way to target your niche and drive traffic to your page, by doing this, you will target the right people and advertise your business correctly.

3. Have your own links and banners – Brands have been featuring big banners linking it back to their social media accounts or campaigns, and it has shown positive results to drive a good amount of traffic back to their websites.

To Buy Instagram Likes can also be a good way to increase the traffic towards your page.  When a business buys Instagram likes, they will cause the algorisms to work in their favor, causing Instagram to promote their account as a priority meaning they are more likely to receive more like organically.