Lately many brands have been featuring their products and services on Instagram as an online marketing strategy. Being an active photo-sharing community, buy Instagram followers helps both small and large-scale businesses in showing the world what they are offering and gaining direct feedback from their followers on how to improve themselves. But just posting some pictures of your products is not enough even if you have many followers.

What tactics and tricks brands do in order to increase their Instagram presence? In this blog we’ve pen-downed some of the most common techniques famous brands do to increase their Instagram engagement for maximum exposure and boosted sales.

  1. Build a personal relationship with your followers

As we have said earlier, Instagram is not just about sharing your content and moving on with your life. You need to build a strong and close relationship with your followers in order to grow your presence. Talk all about what do you offer, how you came up with your brand idea, who are your partners, what are your current projects – engage with your audience. When you are active and show transparency to people they’ll not just remain your followers but will eventually become lifelong customers. Go live on Instagram quite often, talk with your audience through captions, reply to as much comments as possible so that people know that you care about them.

  1. Form a social media community

One of the best ways to increase your brand exposure on Instagram is to cross-promote on other social media platforms. Many people who aren’t much of an Insta fan, might not be familiar with your niche. Promoting your brand on Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter will surely widen your horizons for a greater audience. You can simply take a screenshot of your Instagram account and post it on Twitter with your link, asking your followers to follow you on Instagram as well or you can add your Instagram name in the caption of your every new post on Facebook. Enabling your “share settings” with Facebook also works a great deal in increasing your Instagram presence as images posted to Facebook via Instagram receive more engagement than images directly posted on Facebook, according to a study by Buzzsumo.

  1. Team up with other Instagrammers

You may have seen written “DM for collab” in the bios of many famous Instagram celebrates. Collaboration is a great technique to increase your Instagram presence because it gives your account a chance to be discovered by new people and gain various new followers. Collaboration has become a key for growth on Instagram since it is the most widely used social media platform for brand collaborations, according to the famous marketer Neil Patel. Local businesses and even huge brands promote one another, host a joined giveaway, or leverage influencer marketing to reach more followers and build a strong community together.

  1. Add funs videos and boomerangs

There is no doubt that a good picture speaks 1000 words, but a fun video can boost your engagement rate to the sky. Making a silly boomerang or showing a behind-the-scenes look of your product making or any event, will make your content more exciting and personal for your followers. Most of the times, you don’t even have to do much work and your followers boost up your video views by tagging their friends. You can even sponsor your videos with ads which receive 3 times more engagement than usual photos, according to Mediakix.