Social media, probably the fastest growing industry of the recent times, is ever-changing in its form and nature. There was no dearth of changes when it came to social media trends in 2016; from consumer preferences to brand opportunities and live videos, we have seen it all. Social media is all about user interface and what all the social media giants strive for is to perfect the user experience.

Although it is hard to predict the kind of trends that will dominate the year 2017, but looking at past occurrences, it is safe to say that some of them are apparent and inevitable. Here are four social media trends that will make their rounds in the year 2017.

Customer service chatbots 

The new brands entering the market all turn to chatbots when it comes to customer care and customer service resources. In order to provide fast and immediate responses, social media giants like Facebook or communication platforms like Slack or Allo all use chatbots. These bots facilitate the communication process and reduces response time by a great deal. This makes the increased use of chatbots the most interesting social media trends for the year 2017.

Paid Followers

Once of the most important ways to boost your social media presence is by purchasing followers for your Instagram or Twitter profiles. This completes your image as a brand and can make you look more reputable. Followers can be purchased online at Greedier Social Media.

Live Video platforms 

In 2016, social media giant Facebook dropped a bomb that goes by the name FacebookLive, and the way people consume videos has been growing ever since. Everyone likes a good sneak peek, after all that is how we have always received everything from gossips, to our favorite TV shows and movies. These little tidbits create the perfect amount of uproar among the hungry masses who are just clamoring for good content. Increasing number of companies are using the live video feature to promote their products and seep through the minds of people.

Social messaging 

WhatsApp, in February 2016, announced the fact that it has reached its one billion mark and it has proven the fact that people over the year are turning to private social messaging. Companies are cashing in on this growing trend of social messaging, so much so that the year 2017 will see the drastic shift from social network to social messaging apps. This can be a great ecommerce options for companies as well.

The world is changing, and so is a pertinent part of it – social media. Every day the brands along with the platforms are changing their style, bringing out innovative ways of making social media more efficient and effective. It must be working really well because we do not seem to get enough of it.