Many of the biggest celebrities and Instagram stars in the world have been caught out for having paid for followers in the past – Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber have all been accused of buying followers.

In recent years, however, Instagram has been trying to crack down on fake accounts, but this has just pushed people to come up with other methods to boost their followings.

Pods are groups of people on Instagram with similar profiles and interests who agree to work together to boost each other’s profiles.

They all comment on each other’s pictures straight away in order to cheat Instagram’s algorithm and make sure their posts appear high up on people’s newsfeeds.

And this means brands can’t tell whether an Instagrammer’s engagement is real or fake, which is problematic.

One of the most obvious ways to boost your following on Instagram is to use hashtags, and if that’s too much effort, you can use an app such as FocalMark which will actually suggest popular hashtags for each post after you put in a couple.

And if a caption is too much hard work, former Made in Chelsea star Amber Atherton has just launched a new app called Rubric which identifies what’s in your picture and will suggest various captions.

You can also pay agencies for beautiful, professional lifestyle pictures of things like sunsets, breakfast spreads, flowers and pretty walls.

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