With something or the other constantly happening since the decade started and we thought that nothing could be worse is when we saw the outbreak of the corona virus. This has not only affected China but the whole world in some way or the other. People are being made alert of its dangers, people are being rescued, and people are being made aware of the havoc and all this through Instagram. Let us see how Instagram is playing its part during these dark times.

The outbreak of corona was a piece of news and spread faster than light through Instagram. Although there are memes being made about it and being treated like a piece of joke we all know that it is not all thanks to Instagram. Any hour that you log in to your social media all you see is doctors spreading awareness, doctors treating people, governments spreading a word of caution and prayers for all the people stuck in china.

In these times, Instagram is playing its part well. There are people who are trying to tell and explain what a monster the corona virus is. Then there are experts’ telling people of the small acts that can prevent the virus from spreading, we have posts and stories telling the symptoms of the virus and what should be done if they are noticed. In short, get likes on Instagram is doing every small thing in its power to help people.

Another important thing that is happening because of Instagram is the world is witnessing how governments have come together in this time of need. How they are rescuing and helping not just their own people but every person who is needed. It is spreading a word of appreciation to those who are selflessly working for the people without giving their own well-being a thought.

It is during these times that we witness the true power of social media. Even without social media, we would have known what is happening but the intensity and pressure that we feel now even when we are not in that position are shocking. If there is one thing that social media truly possesses is the power to bring people together for one cause.

The people out there who are being appreciated may not know that they are receiving this but it is telling the users that someone out there is working tirelessly for someone and we in the comforts and security of our homes need to do our bit and if not at least be safe.

This is not just the issue of China as it can spread to the entire earth if left uncontrolled in a period of 6 months (another piece of Instagram Knowledge), it is an issue of the whole world. Instagram has played its part well.

Always when a calamity hits any part of the world, along with the news portals the social media and especially Instagram has taken a stand and this is a sign that the world still has a few good people in it. Be it the Australian Bush fires or the Corona virus now or the news of the possibility of world war 3, Instagram told it all.

Instagram is no more just a social media established for fun, it is a revolutionizing platform that holds the power to change.