Instagram auto likes is a tool/service that people use in order to increase their social media likes on instagram, this will increase the overall appearance of high engagement and boost the presence of an account. The benefit to auto likes is that a user can discreetly purchase them and have an additional number of likes added to each of their post, this therefore will avoid the need to keep purchasing the likes.

Auto-likes will be added automatically to each of the photos that a user uploads, this can be anything from 50-1000 likes per post, this is good for users who have purchased the majority of the followers and have a low engagement, the auto likes will give the illusion that the like are organically generated as they will be added automatically.

In addition to this, another benefit to the autolikes, is the fact that it is more likely to generate genuine followers and real engagement due to the account appearing to be more popular, as having a high number of like will increase the likelihood that the post will be featured on the instagram homepage, if this was to occur, this alone will generate genuine likes and followers.