How to Purchase Instagram DM MASS Service?


Select the Instagram DM MASS Service package that will meet your requirements.You have the option to choose from several packages on the website depending on how many messages you would like to send. Please, note that the bigger packages are significantly more effective.


After selecting the desired package, please provide your Instagram handle or email address, then you can proceed to checkout. A dedicated SM Manager will be in touch with you via email to assist in creating the most compelling message as well as help you to choose your best targets to meet your desired goal.


Once your Instagram DM MASS Service campaign is fully set, our machine learning will start collecting data to complete your order in about 24 – 48 hours. Results may vary depending on the message, but statistics show that you can expect results from 1 to 15 days after the completion of the service.

Reach your target audience effortlessly with Instagram Power Message service.

• Perfect for Scaling Giveaway Offers.
• Increases Organic Followers Interested in Your Content.
• 100% Safe for your Instagram Account *No Password Required)
• Keep your main account safe from DMing too much 

This software creates a direct connection with your ideal clients/audience. You can level up your Instagram growth game and get more sales effortlessly.

Instagram direct messages (DMs) have an open rate of nearly 90%. That is why the Instagram DM MASS service is considered to be the most powerful and effective tool for Instagram promotions.

You can target other people’s followers or specific hashtags. You can also include your website link in the message. We create spare accounts that will share your message, profile or promo code, so your profile is 100% Safe.

 In the messages, you can promote your account, send giveaways to potential clients, send special offers, and more.

We will be sending thousands of DMs to your competitor’s or account whose followers you would like to reach – by directly marketing them a better price or specific product/service you know they might be interested in.

Choose a package, place your order and a dedicated account manager will be in touch with you within 24 hours to help you create an effective Direct Message that will be sent to people directing them to your instagram account / offer.